Our STYROMOULD service has proved to be enormously popular and has removed the one part of the vacuum press process that everybody dreaded - that of making the tooling. Traditional methods for manufacturing vacuum press tooling employed multiple ribs of MDF or chipboard all laboriously machined and then bonded together. Even hollow moulds (always a bad idea) constructed in a similar fashion end up being very heavy and are extremely time consuming to make. The accuracy of such moulds cannot be guaranteed due to the manufacturing tolerances of the materials themselves. It has also been difficult to calculate exactly how long a mould would take to make and therefore what cost to build into your quotation.

The Styromould service has changed all this for good.

When you are quoting for a job simply email or fax us the details of the tooling that you will require and we will give you almost instant fixed prices for producing the moulds. When you win the job, simply order the moulds and within two or three working days they will arrive ready to use with MDF bases and a protective and non stick skins applied to the working surface. Centre lines and 45° and 90° marks are automatically cut into the entire length of a  mould (depending on its degrees of arc of course) and any other reference point can be added according to your instructions. For a small extra cost we can also build in Velcro straps to help keep the material in position on the mould whilst the bag is evacuated.

The length of wire on our CNC Hotwire cutter is 1395mm  but moulds longer than can be made in sections with a cut out registration channel in the bottom of the foam. These are then assembled on to a full length MDF baseboard with an additional spar onto which the registration cut out locate.

Please click here  for details of the information that we need to make a Styromould.

Styromould Specification Sheet.pdf

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Our CNC Hotwire cutter
If made in MDF or chipboard this mould would have weighed more than 350kg